Landscape Interwoven with Vineyards

-Kyotoh-Yamanashi Wine County-


Guidance of TV broadcast

It is televised TV as “the cultural scene which the vineyard weaves” Yamanashi Pref Kyotoh Area in BS-TBS from 9:00 on December 2. Check it out!

A vineyard of the one side to spread through east, Yamanashi Pref Kyoto Area (Yamanashi-shi, Fuefuki-shi, Koshu-shi) of the Kofu Basin. The number of wineries is proud of Japan one, too, and the grape amount of production is handed down when vineyarding is performed from 1300. Grape “Koshu” that is said to be it if oldest, Japan is the kind that is indispensable to Japan wine in The Buddha of Healing images conveying a grape legend of this ground now. In addition, the old brewing facilities of the Japanese wine dawn show wine culture of this ground. I convey the natural scene which there is not in other ground, a historic inheritance, now and the bygone days of the original grape, wine culture.