Landscape Interwoven with Vineyards

-Kyotoh-Yamanashi Wine County-


Japan Heritage
A Landscape Interwoven with Vineyards
-Kyotoh-Yamanashi Wine County-

A Journey of Spectacular Vineyard Views

As the outbound trains on the JR Chuo Line reach Katsunuma Budokyo Station on the eastern side of the Kofu basin, a scene suddenly opens up offering a view of the blue southern alps on the far side of the Kofu basin. In addition to the plains visible from the train, there are vineyards stretching out to the steep slopes that glitter with fresh green leaves between the spring and summer seasons and the light and shade of autumn colors from fall through to winter. The delicate and vibrant colors change in tandem with the four seasons in Budokyo, delighting those who visit. The story of these vineyards, which were produced over the course of many years, was designated a "Japan Heritage" in 2018.

A Landscape Interwoven with Vineyards

To wine aiming at the world with the history from a certain vineyard. I introduce a story of Japan Heritage which a vineyard hands down.

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Cultural assets

We introduce cultural assets reciteing the history that the scenery which a vineyard weaves was born as in now.

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Walking map

Some walking paths have been recommended below for you to experience the story of the winding vineyards.

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Please visit this page for videos, pictures, and pamphlets that introduce the Japan Heritage of the winding vineyards.

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Kyotoh Wine resort - Luxury along with wine

Yamanashi Prefecture is the home area of wine in Japan. Yamanashi has the climate, topography, natural setting to produce high-quality wine, as well as various foods that benefit from this nature, and onsen, where you can comfortably relax and forget the troubles of the day. Please come and spend a luxurious time and enjoy the entire area as you stay in the foremost wine producing region of Japan. This is a place where you can forget about time.

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The Yamanashi Prefecture Kyoto area, which is home of the Kyotoh Wine resort and the Japan Heritage of the winding vineyards, is located just 90 minutes from Shinjuku by limited express train.

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