Landscape Interwoven with Vineyards

-Kyotoh-Yamanashi Wine County-


The Satou house

The Sato family residence is a private house with a gable that stands in Hishiyama Katsunuma-cho in Koshu city, and it has two floors below the small hut and a windowed roof in order to perform sericulture, which was once flourishing, and it has characteristics that are unique to Kofu Basin Eastern. The main house has a roof that is four harima by seven hariyuki with annexes in all four directions, including an open corridor and a warehouse. The main ridge of the roof is raised at the front and is used on two floors up to the row of side pillars, making this house a large-scale and classic building. The slope of the roof measures around 27centimeters, and at first it was thatched, but in the latter part of the 1960s, it was covered with iron plating, which still remains today.
Having been well preserved, it is an iconic example of a Koshu home, and this cultural property shows the transition from sericulture to grape cultivation.

Name : The Satou house

Cultural assets designation : The national government as a registered tangible cultural property (building)

Location : Koshu City